Why buy an Inflatable Standup Paddleboard? Tower Inflatable SUP review

For some of us, the greatest adventures begin and end with the blue and green hues of the ocean. The stunning skies, the dazzling waves, the glimmering water and the alluring sounds of ocean life lure us to take the oceanic escapades time and again. Stand up paddle boarding and other water sports have a great draw not only due to the level of exhilaration they provide but also the innumerable health and fitness benefits that accompany them. Paddle Boards have long supported the quests of millions of water lovers around the world.

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While the thrill and excitement they provide is very real, there are also few drawbacks to the traditional varieties of SUP boards. Most of these stand-up-paddle boards are bulky and huge and require sizeable storage space and are quite challenging to move and transfer. For many who love the sport and are frequent participants of it across the globe, it is an arduous and expensive task to haul along these paddle boards in planes and vehicles without significant damage to the board itself. Inflatable Paddle Boards are a counter to this issue.

Why an Inflatable SUP is your best buddy

Inflatable paddle boards come with an array of advantages over the traditional SUPs.

  • Lightweight and mobile: Inflatable SUPs are less in bulk, compact in size and very mobile. They can be easily stashed in backpacks, vehicles, boats and airplanes without any additional luggage costs and moved to any location around the world without any damage.
  • Quick to use and easy to store: Inflating and deflating the SUP is a hassle-free affair and so is its storage. Deflated SUPs can be stored away in any small area, shed or bag which is quite advantageous for people who do not have the luxury of large storage spaces.
  • Hard Wearing: Inflatable SUPs are generally made of toughened rubber and polymers and are pretty hard wearing regardless of their lightweight.
  • Perfect for beginners: Beginners can benefit from the less bulk and higher stability factor that inflatable SUPs offer. Though they are sturdy, they do not have a stiff and rough surface; which means that possibilities of injuries during fall are relatively less.

There is quite a selection available in the market, each with their share of pros and cons. One among the toppers is the Tower Inflatable Paddle Board or the Tower Adventurer 9’ 10” Inflatable SUP.


Tower Inflatable SUP – An Outlook

This SUP has been touted as one of the best in the market, its highlights being a fantastic look and feel together with a robust and comfortable design.

The SUP is 9’10” by 32” with a thickness of 6”. The stylish and sleek look is completed with a diamond grooved deck pad. It is equipped with a rear kick tail and a 3-piece adjustable paddle. The centre fin is detachable. Its other accessories include towing nose ring and a surf leash ring at the rear. The hand hold and roll up strap provide for easy transportation and at 24 lbs, it is quite light in weight but has a capacity to withstand about 400 pounds.

Gains and Highpoints

There is a lot you can look forward to in the Tower Inflatable stand-up paddle board. The design and characteristics are such that it has been regarded by many as an ideal paddle board for beginners and intermediate surfers who are few steps away from becoming pros.

  • Stability and Rigidity: Its thickness, build and rigidity ensures that the board does not slump at any point when fully inflated and floats at a reasonably higher elevation to avoid your feet from soaking in the water. The numerous grooves on the paddle offer a greater grip. Its rigidity and sturdiness also offers greater stability and this is a valuable asset for beginners who are unused to the power and force of water.
  • Storage and Transport: When completely rolled, it has a diameter of about a foot with a width of 33 inches and is thus compact enough to be packed up in any two or four wheeler, boat or plane without extra costs for luggage.
  • Comfort and Durability: The make is supple enough to be comfortable and hard enough to be durable. Its softness makes it an injury-free board and is extremely useful for kids and new surfers. At the same time, the material is hardwearing and heavy duty to withstand quite an amount of misuse.
  • Warranty and Affordability: The two year warranty and reasonable price is an added advantage for those who are on a tight budget but want to enjoy the benefits of stand up paddling.

Convenient, long lasting and affordable – Tower Inflatable SUPs are a great addition to your paddle board pursuits and certainly serve as a remarkable partner in your boarding adventures.

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Why buy an Inflatable Paddle Board

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