How to Get Your Hands on Discount Paddle Boards

Perhaps you're just about to try out paddle boarding and are thus hesitant about buying your very own board at this time. Maybe a couple of your friends are  going out on a water expedition on these SUP boards so you're on the lookout for a cheaper one that you can get your hands on. It could also be that your own board just broke and you need another one immediately to practice on for an upcoming tournament.
Whether you're a professional or beginner, you intend to use the board for leisure or competitive sports, it cannot be helped that you sometimes lack the budget to purchase a brand-new one. Therefore, you ought to know where to find the discount paddle boards for less than $500. If you after boards for lower than $500 keep reading below we have some great suggestions.


Post on Free Classified Ads and Social Media

One way you can find paddle boards at a discounted rate is to post what you're looking for in free classified ads. These days, there are plenty of such websites frequented by many individuals within your locality. Some may be looking for a buyer for their used boards and may stumble upon your post. You can also type in your search term in these classifieds to have a look at those selling their secondhand boards.

Furthermore, social media can also be powerful. Who knows? There might be someone in your own Facebook or LinkedIn network who may be into paddle boarding and is currently looking for someone to purchase his/her used board. Connecting with people will surely do you wonders when searching for something in particular. There can also be someone who sees your post and knows a friend interested to sell.

Don't forget eBay is the place for second hand sup boards with daily listings, make sure to check or set up a saved search so you can be notified each time a board is in your price range & area. This is helpful if you have time to wait for the best bargain to come along.

Inquire with Local Shops Online and Offline

Have you checked with the local athletic stores in your area? Perhaps some of them are offering their old boards at a more affordable price. Maybe there's an upcoming sale where you can get hold of the discounted products. You might come across posters announcing a trading activity for SUP enthusiasts or a special auction event of a similar nature.

What's more, there are numerous online shops too that offer these discounted boards. Some are used while others are new. Depending on your budget and the kind of board you need, you might encounter the ideal pick in these virtual stores. Moreover, you can also do a search on Google to easily locate those offering discount longboards and other types of SUP boards.


Based on, it's best to know first your purpose for wanting to avail of a discounted board. Are you just planning to play around at the lake or are you joining a race? Will you be taking up private lessons or you simply want to use it for fun with friends? Knowing the use will help you look for and select the proper SUP board that suits you.

In addition, it's also vital to pick the right size for your body built and height. After all, your balance and overall performance will greatly be affected by getting the appropriate board size. Your athletic ability and paddle boarding experience will also help you determine if you'd like to go for a lighter board that's easier to handle or you want one made for a professional.

Consult Schools and Associations

Another way you can probably encounter the boards you're looking for without spending a fortune is to consult sports schools offering lessons on paddle boarding. Talk to the coaches or administrators because they might be able to recommend a place where you can get the boards at a cheaper rate. Because most of them have been involved in this endeavor for quite some time, they can point you to referrals or even help you get a board from where they ordered the ones they utilize for students.

You can also consult paddle board associations. There are many members here who may be selling their used boards or may know people who are. This way, you won't only find what you're searching for but you might even meet experienced paddlers who can give you free tips and lessons.

Pros and Cons of Discount Paddle Boards

Of course in looking for these cheaper paddle boards, you ought to know what to somehow expect. Yes, the greatest benefit here is that you'll be able to buy at a lower price. However, be aware that going for second-hand ones can put you in danger if they are not in mint condition. Therefore, you must make sure first that the one you're buying is still durable and functional. At times, there are also weak and malfunctioning ones offered in sales. Be wary of them.

Another setback you should expect is that used boards or cheaper ones may not last long. If you don't intend to engage in this sport long or take it seriously, then it's okay to get the cheaper alternative. But if you see yourself using the board for an extended period of time, then you'll save more by buying a good brand and model with incredible quality and endurance. They don't have to be expensive check out our Top 3 Affordable Boards.


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