What are Hobie Paddle Boards famous for?

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a great water-sport that can be acted upon all over the world. Even though it is typically difficult to measure how many partakers act in water sports, it is no question that kayaking is the most popular water sport for years. However, it looks as if SUP may be taking over that world-renowned title. Stand up paddle boarding is quickly becoming everyone’s first choice in water sports, and quickly rising to the top with all of its fame and glory.

amazonThe fame of this trend took off around the year of 2005. Larid Hamilton and Dave Kalama developed this sport for the water sports universe. Rick Thomas was the first modern surfer to bring this sport to the United States. Stand up paddling was listed as the most popular sport by the Outdoor Participation Report
, with 56% of first time participants weighing in most of the votes.

How are Stand up Paddle Boards designed?
Prices for the boards range from $600, all the way up to $1500. Most boards use glass reinforced plastic and polyester foam used in the core of the product. Recently, inflatable boards have begun to be introduced to the population as well. A couple of SUP boards have a hollow wood construction instead of the foam on the inside.

What is the difference between traditional and inflatable boards?
These types of boards are larger than the traditional surf board and can be quite hard to store when not using or when traveling. With further enhancement, inventors have created the inflatable system where the board and the pump will be carried in an easy lightweight backpack.  The core is created with ‘drop-stitch’, which is like thousands of nylon stitches that keep the board at a certain level of thickness to ensure safe and fun riding for all. The pressure of the pump can reach all the way up To 30Psi. This is effective for making the board seem almost no different than a regular hard board. Inflatable boards are durable and easy to transport, which are two great benefits of investing in one of these great inventions.

Hobie is the leading seller of all water sports equipment and as well as any accessories and tutorials you may need to succeed at the sport you are attempting. Hobie sells the top quality of paddle boarding equipment; along with all information you could need regarding the product you purchased or are looking to purchase. Hobie was started in a young boy’s grandparent’s garage working to create the Southern California surf shop the first of its kind. By the time the mid 60s rolled around, Hobie’s equipment was selling like hotcakes! This was around the same time the Beach Boys were selling their chart-topping albums.lakeWhy are Hobie Paddle Boards the best?

Hobie’s company sells several different varieties of equipment for standup paddle boarding. They sell several paddles that range from size, shape, and color. The paddles are differentiated by what they are good use for like racing, rental programs, global paddlers, and surfing. Some of the paddles are even adjustable for easy storage for tight spaces or if you love to travel! The boards come in several different series such as the Apex Race, Raw Surf, and the Venture Series. These all accommodate different types of SUP activities.

What is the history behind Hobie SUP?
Hobie created his business to help people find their passion in the water, just as he had done when he was a younger lad. Hobie puts out only the best products, reviews, and some really accurate information on his blog that can be found through his website. The blog lists several different tips for maintaining your equipment and preventing injuries.
What are some safety rules of Hobie Stand up Paddle Boards?
SUP is treated much like surfing with all of the safety rules and regulations that are passed out prior to competing in any activities. There are not many rules, unless it is a high volume tourist part of the year for the location, then local lifeguards and policemen will enforce the use of the leash attached to the board. Be sure to check with the local law enforcement on how and where you can practice safely, and be sure that you are not breaking any serious laws.

riverStand up paddle boarding is a great way to get out and venture into the great local waters of your town, while learning a new sport that you could ultimately end up competing in for prize money and medals and trophies. This is an invigorating experience that you should not turn down to try. This could be your calling. With all of the information out there about the fantastic products put out by Hobie, you have a great chance of finding some good summer sports to compete in.



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