Kai Lenny Sees A Glimpse Of The Future On A SUP Hydro Foil

Did you see this?

Kai Lenny just blew up Instagram with this epic pic.

“What is it”, you ask?

Kai Lenny is from Maui, Hawaii. He is an experienced surfer, stand up paddle boarder and is good at all water sports. It goes without saying that he is also a Hawaiian Ocean Celebrity.

Scroll down to the awesome video of Kai Lenny on a SUP Foil.

Kai got to try a SUP hydro foil going downwind. He says ‘it was more fun than work'. With light winds he could go ‘300 yards in any direction'. He felt like he was walking on water at 20 miles per hour while going over glides & connecting pass glides. Kai says it is ‘the fastest he has gone downwind in his life'.

In these pictures and video it looks like Kai has cut a racing Naish board in half and added the foil.

This video of Kai is going viral. Foiling is going to change the way we SUP. All you need is light wind and you can go downwind & wave foiling at incredible speed with little work. A SUP Foil is different from your standard SUP – it has added a wing instead of a fin, the wing is called a hydro foil. This is what makes you glide through the water effortlessly once you get to a certain speed. The foil is made of solid carbon and fibreglass, which means that it will stand the test of time.

Sup Foils are on back order as everyone is rushing to get their hands on a board. Looks like a 2 month back order. Two wings will be available, one to suit the beginner that goes at a slower speed and one for the racer who loves speed.

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We will also have a DIY option coming soon. If you already have a SUP and you are handy with your hands, then this is the definitely for you!

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Check Kai out below.

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