Latest Technology In SUP Paddleboards For Sale – Electrafin

On the market this year you can almost get anything electric; bikes, skateboards, robot vacuums and lawn mowers. So when we came across the Electrafin when looking for SUP Paddleboards for sale we were excited to say the least.

View the latest Electric SUP Motor today.

Let us introduce you to the Electrafin. It is made by Current Drives, they are located in Seattle. Steve their VP of Sales is a great dude who is very helpful and quick to answer any questions.


So what is the ElectraFin?

It is an electric motor propulsion system fin, that fixes to the base of any hard board or inflatable sup board. All you need is an 8inch fin mount. If you already have a SUP Board all you need is the conversion kit. If you are new to stand up paddle boarding then I would recommend going for the all in one package.

It is made out of very strong Impact Copolymer Carbon, which has rubber added into the carbon which means it can handle knocks on reefs.


How Far & How Fast?

The ElectraFin goes 5mph and the lithium ion battery pack lasts for 2hrs. The battery pack is swappable and you can purchase additional packs for the convenience of swapping out and continuing your ride. There is a wireless control that fixes to your paddle this means you can control the output of the motor and in turn the battery will last longer.


Additional Cool Features

Current Drive also offers weatherproof solar panels, these can charge your ElectraFin System when you are not using it.
You can also purchase a pump which attaches to the ElectraFin Battery Pack or your car battery so you don't have to pump up your inflatable board by hand. This saves time and the tedious work that every inflatable paddle boarder endures everytime they take it out.

Warranty and Price

The ElectraFin has a 1 year warranty. If the Fin is in stock it will be shipped the next day.

The ElectraFin Conversion Kit retails for $1625. Current Drive makes inflatable boards the vary in price depending on sales, you can expect to pay $799-$1588.95 for a Huey Inflatable SUP.

Final Thoughts…

If you are looking for the latest SUP paddbleboards for sale and you want to save time pumping, paddling out the breaks and don't want to fight currents and winds then the SUP electric motor is the addition you need for your board.

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