Is stand up paddle boarding for you? What do you need?

Do you ever wonder what people with paddle boards are doing in the middle of water? Do you like the giant surfboards coming with a kayak paddle and wish to go out with one as well? Does the idea of basking in the Sun, swimming with the waves on a paddleboard excite you? Well, if it did and you are probably shunning the thought away thinking it to be tough, it’s easier than you actually thought.5952630645_4705fc61a9_z

Paddle boarding- is it for me?

If you have come across those old photos of beach girls or boys standing and posing in front of the 10 feet or 12 feet surfboards, that is what you would be standing on. Paddleboards are actually made different from surfboards, where you can stand, surf and maneuver with much of ease. It probably takes about an hour to master upon the skill and then you stand comfortably on the board. The activity involves hardly any impact and is a fairly easy game to play, unless you are thinking about jumping into water from the board.

The relaxation of using paddleboards

There is a total relaxation that can be enjoyed in the sport, which is what attracts the new users to come back again. It is an exercise that helps the surfer to constantly keep a focus on different parts of the body at the same time. This sporting activity is the best for those who want to lose some muscles in their belly and other flabby parts. While there are some who would constantly lock their knees while boarding, causing extra sprain in their thigh areas, the idea is to focus on different postures and relax and be one with the entertainment of the sport.

A paddle board cannot be your gym

There are many who want to believe that paddleboard would help them in getting 6 pack muscular forms. Well, to tell you the truth, it is not your gym machines that have been designed to shape up your body. But, of course, it certainly is a body toner, which would keep your body fit and you looking healthy. The best news is you can have the best of opportunity to tone up your abdominal muscles by creating stability and minimizing rotation. When you use the dynamic setting of balancing as well as taking paddling positions that are bilateral, you are actually helping your body to tone up and come into a shape from where you can easily move ahead with shaping up your body.

Accessories fit for the activity

While you are thinking of paddleboards, you also need to keep in mind the kind of accessories you are going to use. Make sure you are using a fitting swim suit of a wet suit so that you are comfortable and light. Do remember to buy a sunscreen with 30 SPF at least so that you are not burning your skin while you are with the paddles. As you would need to play the game during the day, it really is quite sunny and you would be surprised to see the amount of sun tan this activity can take on to.3633457666_ee69654a30_z

Those extra conscious about UV exposure

While it all depends upon the length of time you are involved in being with the paddle boards, in the water, if you are all too conscious about the exposure to UV lights, it is advised you wear a good long sleeved shirt so that most part of your skin is covered and you are not exposed to the harmful UV rays. There are, of course, some really good UV protection sunscreens available that can be applied. However, if you find these creams expensive, a good long sleeved shirt would be a good option. Wear a good pair of rubber sport strapped sunglasses as you might need to protect your eyes from long hours of exposure to Sun’s rays and its UV radiations.

Life saving gadgets

Whether you are a new paddle board’s enthusiast or an old one at the game, you need to be wearing your life jackets. Life jackets are extremely essential unless you have stepped out of the paddle board and safe from a fall. And, you don’t need to be able to swim in order to enjoy this sport. You could learn swimming while you are learning the tricks of saddle boarding, or not bother about it at all.

What needs to be remembered in playing this game, you need to be prepared for some small falls here and there, but with some practice and with a considerably good trainer, you would be able to get a good grip over this activity and soon become a master at it. And for those who wish to go saddle boarding, there are some really cheap saddle boards in the market as well that you would be able to get with a little bit of a search.

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