Review of the SUP ATX Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is becoming a very popular activity because of its health benefits and because it’s fun. For maximum enjoyment without having to spend extravagantly, one of the best options for paddle boards are those made by SUP ATX

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 If you’re into healthy water sports, then you may be aware that stand up paddle boarding is now becoming quite popular. Kids are picking up on it, because it’s actually easy to learn. Even 4-year old girls can do it, and you can get numerous tips from various experts online.

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But then there’s a catch. You’ll of course need some gear such as paddle boards, and they’re not going to be all that cheap. The most affordable stand up paddle boards for sale will set you back about $800. They’ll be made from durable plastics, but their heavy weight can be inconvenient. At the other end of the scale are the best paddle boards which are made from lightweight carbon. Those may cost you up to $2,000.

In the end, the price will be dictated by the brand, and the types of features that come with it. But if you really want a virtual paddle board sale which offers superb features with a reasonable price tag, the SUP ATX is an excellent choice.

If you go online, there’s a lot of love expressed in comments and reviews for the SUP ATX. The typical paddle board review is quite positive, and almost gushing in its praise. There are several reasons for this:

  • The makers used the same manufacturers that built other top-selling paddleboards. What they did was to associate with the wizards at Becker Surfboards. This is the longest standing manufacturer of surfboards in southern California, and they’ve been in the business of making boards for more than 35 years.

These are also the same guys who built the other best-selling SUP boards, and they also used the same EPS/Epoxy construction processing, the same materials, and the same quality and care in the manufacture.

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It’s just that with SUP ATX, the price is half that of the other top brands.sup_atx

  • The unique design is the result of extensive testing. The other difference is the designs of the various ATX models. And those designs were not arbitrary. They came about after exhaustive comparative tests.

What the guys at SUP ATX did was to take about twenty boards from other top brands and test each feature on different types of waters for an entire year. The boards were of different lengths. The boards were either wide or narrow, had thick or thin rails, had a steep or subtle rocker, had long or short fins, had or did not have pads or handles, and the paddles were either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Then they were all tested in various conditions. They were used in the Malibu ocean with calm or choppy water, or with lots of waves. They were used into or against the wind, and with or against the currents.

Then they were tired out in the lakes in central Texas. The various conditions include being used in flat water, in lakes with wakes, and in the rain. They were used in hundred-degree temperature with high humidity, and in 40-degree temperatures.

And they discovered a lot for themselves, and they took that knowledge to decide on the final shape and design of their SUP boards. It’s why they use the best UPS foam, epoxy resin, and the highest quality fiberglass. That’s why longtime experts and fresh newbies can find what they need among their paddle board models.

  • Accessories for paddle boards are standard equipment. Because of their comprehensive tests, they’ve realized that some accessories are necessary for a superior paddle board experience. So instead of offering these accessories as extra purchases, they’re now standard equipment on all their boards.

These accessories include a fin, for example. On top of every board you will also see a traction pad so you can stand with greater comfort and security while you ride. They all have vent plugs too, since these solve a lot of problems especially when the temperature and the humidity are high. And finally, all of their boards come with handles.

  • These boards are easy to carry and store. Portability is not a problem here. As have been mentioned, they all have integrated handles. And then you can also buy accessories for that allow you to transport the board from your home to the water. They can be installed on your car or allow you to tow the board with your bike.
  • These boards are unbelievably affordable. Ask around for the prices of the top boards, and you’ll find that they cost about twice as much. With the SUP ATX, what you get is the best bang for your buck. The value for money is simply astonishing. Many have even said that these boards are not just as good as the top sellers. They actually better, even without considering the price.

So Why Buy a SUP ATX Paddle Board from Amazon?

Essentially, you buy them because they will work for you and you will be able to find a model that will fit your needs and preferences. And you don’t have to pay a lot of money to do so.

What’s more, you also need to keep in mind all the health benefits that stand up paddle boarding offers you. You get a full body workout because you’re going to have to use just about every muscle in your body. And you have fun in the water too.

You don’t even have to worry about stressing your joints, since paddle boarding is a very low impact exercise unlike jogging or running.

But it’s more fun with the SUP ATX, because you know you have superior equipment without having to overpay for all your health benefits. Injuries are far less likely than with running or with weight lifting at the gym. With paddle boarding, you get to burn off more calories while avoiding injury.

And your best experience will come with the SUP ATX. You can find the model that precisely fits your needs and preferences. They will last you a very long time, and there’s no problem with portability. And with the low price, you get the best deal possible in the paddle board industry.


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