Taking Yoga to the Next Level by Using a Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boards are no longer just for surfing on the waters. These days, more yoga fanatics have brought their practice onto the sea or lake, injecting greater challenge and adding more benefits to this activity.

It's a known fact that yoga is great for weight loss, overall health promotion, stress reduction, and balance. Perhaps you should now take your yoga to the next level by getting your own board and joining the SUP yoga community in your locality. So what are you waiting for? Check out cheap paddle boards for sale now and start engaging in this fun and valuable hobby!

A More Challenging Workout

You'll definitely have a more challenging workout when you do your yoga on top of a stand up
paddle board. Your muscles will further be toned and stretched because you need to exert greater effort while bending and balancing on a board and also trying not to fall into the water.

If you've been a yogi for a long time already, then this is the perfect time for you to try out a harder way of practicing yoga. You'll gain the same benefits and add even more.

Refining Your Yoga Poses and Techniques

If you feel that you need to further refine your yoga poses and techniques, using cheap SUP boards is the way to go. You don't have to shell out a huge amount because you'll only be using the board on flat water.

According to Huffington Post, trying to balance on top of the water will allow you to be more in tune with your body because you have an easier way of telling if there is more weight on one side or if your step is too heavy. The tipping board will immediately let you know.

Better Focus on Breathing

A big part of mastering yoga is the breathing. When you're in a yoga class, you'll be trained to be more in tune with your inhales and exhales. You ought to try it when you're out in the ocean. No matter how calm the water is, you can still listen to the regular pattern of the waves. The sound of the ocean is like your own breathing. It will therefore enable you to focus better and even to relax more.

Added Serenity and Environmental Beauty

Yoga is said to be great for stress reduction. It can calm you and help you develop a positive disposition. When you're standing up on a paddle board while doing the breathing exercises and yoga poses, just imagine how much more you'll benefit as you breathe in the beauty of your surroundings. Being right there in the middle of Mother Nature will surely do wonders for your overall health, spirituality, and relaxation.

Effective Core Strengthening Activity

11347603876_6c5535eb5fSUP yoga is surely an amazing activity to effectively strengthen your core muscles. According to Men's Fitness, this is an enjoyable way to supplement your gym routines. You get to enhance your strength along with muscle control while also developing better flexibility. As a result, you'll most likely exhibit greater stamina and endurance in other physical activities. What's more, you won't be prone to injuries as much if you weren’t engaging in this type of yoga.

Even just doing the basic stances like the Downward Facing Dog and some knee lunges will already provide you a remarkable workout. What's great about the experience too is the fact that you won't sweat as much because of the cool environment (unless it's midday summer). Or if you do sweat a lot, there's always the impending pleasure of jumping into the water afterward.

A Fun Approach to Yoga

There are actually some individuals who don't enjoy yoga. It seems too boring for them because there is not a lot of action involved. However, studies show that many of these same people tend to appreciate yoga more when it's done on a SUP board.

It's surely more fun to challenge yourself to do the poses and techniques while staying afloat. Besides, there are more movements that can be incorporated in SUP yoga. So why not look for a paddleboard for sale today and join the nearest paddle board yoga class? You'll discover just how fascinating, soothing, and fun it can be. You'll be energized and will want to keep doing it. And when this happens, you get to have another outlet for releasing tension and improving your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Combining yoga and paddle boarding is really delightful and beneficial for different individuals of all ages. Of course you shouldn't force your body at the beginning to do things it's not ready for. Take it slowly. Many beginners' classes begin by doing yoga on boards while still on the shore. Later on, that's the time you can actually be on the water.

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