Three Brothers Paddle Boards Review – Florida

This is a detailed review of the Three Brothers wooden paddle boards, including its features, dimensions, weight capacity and more.

The Three Brothers Paddle Boards is becoming increasingly popular among paddle boarders. But just how good are this brand’s wooden paddle boards compared to others? Let’s find out in this review.

10’6” Blondie
The Blondie wood paddle boards SUP can be used in various conditions, whether it’s surfing or gliding in calm waters. The board has a full nose, providing stability for paddling and starting off, and the pulled tail leads to greater maneuverability and turns. The rockers on the Blondie boards are capable of handling small and large waves, and the tail rocker has some acceleration on the tail, making it easier for you to catch the waves and make a turn.

The rails are more forgiving than those on other paddle boards, and at 50/50 each turn has a definite solid feel to it. There’s FCS side bites and 2+1 for the fin configuration, and you have a vent plug at the deck close to the handle, big enough for your entire hand. This is better than just using your knuckles.

The Blondie boards are 5 inches thick and 31 inches wide, and the nose has a bit of concave. The whole thing weighs just 26 lbs., and the tuck under design makes gripping easy. Add to that the 3D diamond cut EVA deck pad and you’ve got a pretty good board.

11’4” Irish Twin
If you look for any paddle board for sale, chances are you’re going to come across the Irish Twin, and this is to be expected as it’s got a streamlined look and feel. The Irish Twin was designed for the boarder who’s looking for a fast and light board, and this is also for the boarder who wants to cruise on flat water and the surfer who wants to ride large waves, which goes to show how versatile this board is.

The Irish Twin’s nose is slightly pointed, minimizing the drag and contact with the water and making it more convenient to use. What really makes the rocker on the Irish Twin stand out is its flat tail, allowing you to keep the trim speed and leading to faster turns. There’s a mellow entry for the nose, perfect for handling flat water and waves and like the Blondie, the Irish Twin has a 2+1 fin setup and FCS, and the vent is situated close to the handle.

The Irish Twin is 29 inches wide and 4.75 inches thick, and there’s a Vee at the fins so the board remains on point. The board is just 26 lbs. and also has a tuck under grip so it’s easy to carry.
If you’re looking for a light and quick board, it’s hard to pass up on the Irish Twin: it is light, the nose design makes it stable and the streamlined body gives it solid speed. Despite its lightness the board is strong thanks to its reinforced rails, and the medium rock does a great job in reducing flat water drag.

12′ Jason Ryan
If you’re looking for all-purpose Three Brother boards, the Jason Ryan paddle board is going to fit the bill. The board is 5.25 inches thick and 32 inches wide, providing optimum flotation and the highest level of stability. The rocker is set at 12’ and relaxed, and the nose can catch waves and has trim capabilities similar to boards for flat water.

Beginners will like the tail rocker because it’s forgiving and allows for easier turning in the waves. A look at the board’s design shows it has a round and full nose, and the hips are wide, allowing it to come on the full tail. What this means is even if there’s a significant weight on the deck it won’t affect the paddling. If you’re the type who likes to paddle board with a cooler on the nose, this is the board for you.

12’6” Racer
This Racer is a touring board and with a 28 inch frame and a 7.5 inch core, it provides the perfect balance of stability and top speed. The board has one center fin box and weighs only 28 lbs. Like the other paddle boards here the Racer has a tuck under easy grip too.

The Racer has other notable features worth pointing out: it has a 3D diamond cut EVA pad, and the deck is recessed, making it lighter. There’s a displacement hull for greater cutting and speed, and since it’s more than 7 inches thick provides superior weight capacity.

14′ Double Up
The Double Up is the ideal paddle board for the family. The board is 6 inches thick and 36 inches wide, and on flat water can hold an entire family, and there’s room for three people when used for surf mode. As far as weight capacities go, the Double Up should present no problems as it can handle up to 1/3 of a ton. Even when it’s at maximum capacity however, the Double Up glides just fine.

One of the most common problems with large paddle boards is they tend to slow down when filled to capacity, but that’s not going to be a problem with the Double Up as performance is consistent whether you’re the only one paddling or everyone is. Even if you throw in the cooler and other camping accessories you’ll have no trouble getting the board to glide.

The Double Up is considered one of the top paddle boards today and deservedly so: its 600 lb. weight capacity is hard to match, and other features like the 2+1 Fin setup bungee tie-down system add to the convenience.

If you’re interested in buying a Florida stand up paddle board, which of these should you get? The answer really depends on your needs. As the info above shows, each paddle board is aimed at different kinds of boarders and surfers, yet they’re versatile enough for use in diverse conditions. Bottom line: when it comes to paddle boarding you can’t go wrong with Three Brothers.

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