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Learn the features, specs and other features of the Tower paddle board in this review.

This Tower Adventurer inflatable sup review was written to give you an idea of what this paddle board can do. It’s certainly gotten a lot of positive reviews, but how does it hold up compared to other paddle boards? Generally it holds up very well thanks to a beautiful design and portability, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

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The Tower paddle board is 32 inches wide and 9 feet 10 inches long, and it’s also 6 inches thick. This is a pleasant surprise because the majority of inflatable paddle boards are just four inches thick and 30 inches wide. Although it may not seem much, those extra couple of inches makes a huge difference when you’re out in the water.417Urn7ulAL

In particular the added width keeps the Adventurer from sagging in the middle, a very common problem with ordinary paddle boards. With the extra width, the Adventurer provides you with more rigidity and helps you achieve greater speeds without compromising handling.

Given the dimensions it’s not surprising two people can get on it, or you can use the extra space for your stuff. As far as style goes, the Adventurer isn’t lacking either thanks to the diamond grooved deck pad and the 2+1 fin configuration. You’ll find the largest fin in the middle and it’s detachable for easy storage. In addition the Adventurer has a carrying strap that makes transportation convenient.

You’ll also see that there’s a hand hold strap on the deck pad surface, and there’s a towing ring in front and ring attachment at the back, both of which you can use to attach a paddle leash and other accessories you might want to carry. In fact the rings are sturdy enough to be used for pulling light loads.

Construction Design

The Adventurer is built from high grade PVC, and there are vertically set strands that link the paddle board’s top and bottom. Once you inflate the Adventurer, you’ll immediately notice that it is very rigid, so rigid in fact that it’s hard to believe this is actually an inflatable. And yet it doesn’t feel that hard and is actually comfortable when compared to epoxy boards.

Tower stand up paddle boards for sale are ideal for use on white and still waters, and it’s more durable than regular paddle boards. The surface doesn’t get easily damaged either, and it’s invulnerable to collisions with logs or rocks, very impressive. Because of the materials used in its construction the Adventurer is very resistant to punctures and tears. The fins are plastic but they’re flexible and durable enough so they don’t break even when hit by rocks. In short, the design quality is very high and you can see the craftsmanship in every angle. The nylon handle is also well designed and durable enough to carry the Adventurer.

Taking everything into consideration, the aluminum construction manages to strike a balance between lightness and strength, offering durability without compromising the weight. The paddle doesn’t bend or sway, and the custom designed grip fits nicely in your hand.


One of the trademarks of a quality paddle board is portability, and the Adventurer delivers here. Simply put, it’s easy to transport and very compact. If deflated, you can roll the paddle board like a sleeping bag with roughly the same dimensions, 33 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Compared to hard paddle boards however, the Adventurer does not require a roof carrier for transportation as you can put it in the car, bike, motorcycle or plane. Including the pump and paddle, the unit weighs 34 lbs. which isn’t bad.

The Adventurer comes with an aluminum paddle and a hand pump, and there’s a pressure gauge built-in the pump too. For best results you should inflate the paddle board to 11 psi. Since the unit is made up of three pieces you’ll be able to adjust the length easily, and the stops used to set this won’t slip.


  • Durable and rigid
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
  • 2 year warranty


  • The paddle has to be washed after use to prevent corrosion
  • No hard copy instructions are provided so you must go to the official website

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Tower Paddle Board Couple

Ease of Use

If you use the board the first thing that will strike you is how solid it feels when inflated, and that it’s wide, and due to the 6 inch thickness the Adventurer is very stable. The addition of the removable center pin is very nice because it allows for smooth gliding and tracks straight. Also, the PVC material is indeed military grade and inflating is quick.

The inflated paddle board looks very nice and provides all the necessities without adding anything superfluous. Because the paddle board is just a tad under 10 feet long, it’s very compact, which means you can bring it anywhere. The aforementioned extra width allows for extra room without added weight. One of the things you’ll like about the Adventurer is the diamond grooved deck pad because it provides good grip for your feet while remaining comfortable.


The Adventurer isn’t the most expensive paddle board, but it holds up well when matched with the more expensive models. Even though it’s compact, the paddle board tracks very well and gliding won’t present problems even in different weather conditions. Most important, the paddle board is very stable and doesn’t compromise in terms of maneuverability. This can be attributed to the 32 inch width and the 6 inch thickness as it keeps you comfortable. Also, the six inch thickness ensures your feet are above water, which is really convenient if the water happens to be cold.


Tower stand up paddle boards are very popular, and for good reasons. It’s versatile and ideal for white water, exploration and cruising. If you’re new to paddling it’s definitely going to help, but even if you’re a long time paddle boarder you’re going to benefit from its durability and stability even when on choppy waters.

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