Why You Should Try Using a Fishing Paddle Board?

Have you ever seen anyone on a fishing paddle board, trying to balance in the middle of the sea while waiting for a tug on his fishing pole? Yes, the sight may seem funny at first. But guess what? There are actually great reasons why more individuals are trying out paddle board fishing these days rather than sticking to the traditional method.

So why should you give it a shot too? What's in using a fishing stand up paddle board that makes it so much more interesting and beneficial?

fishing_supAdded Height is an Advantage
According to BadFishSUP.com one of the benefits of using a fishing paddle board is the fact that you can actually stand up while fishing. This gives you added height and thus provides a better and wider view of the fish that may be lurking around or swimming by. You can definitely spot more fish easier this way, rather than when sitting inside your boat or kayak. Besides, you can't stand up when fishing the traditional way because there's always a bigger chance of toppling the boat over or losing your balance and ending up swimming with the fish instead of catching them.

Extra Stealth Brings in More Fish

Imagine yourself gliding across the water quietly without actually disturbing the sea creatures underneath. Using a paddle board will provide you this advantage. It's like being able to sneak up to the fish and thus catching them by surprise. When you're on a smaller board, you won't give out a warning because there will be much less ripples caused in the water.



Fusion of Fun and Adventure

There's no doubt about having more fun with a paddle board when you're out on a fishing expedition. Whether you're alone or doing this activity with companions, it becomes more of an adventure when making use of these unique boards. It's like combining a physical sport with a relaxing hobby. You can definitely embrace and absorb the benefits of both.

In paddle board fishing, there is more movement involved. Hence, the adventure won't just be about your surroundings. There's bound to be greater action too.

Acquiring Better Balance

Since you'll be placing your materials inside a net attached to your board and then accessing them every now and then, you'll most likely be subjected to getting down and then standing up again. Now what if the waves are not as gentle at your chosen day and time of fishing? Or what if you find yourself drifting toward a more choppy part of the ocean?

In such cases, your ability to balance will be tested. In the process, you'll develop a better sense of balance. This is beneficial for a range of physical activities that you do on a daily basis. Even when you get older, you're less likely to stumble or fall to the ground. You'll also be more independent.

Multitasking and Concentration Skills

There are a lot of skills to be learned in fishing. But if you combine this hobby with SUP boarding, you'll gain even more skills. Two important ones are multitasking and concentration. These two come in handy not just for this type of sports and activities but also for your work or studies.

Exercise without the Price

Do you know that balancing on top of a fishing paddle board will also give you a full body workout? Depending on the condition of the sea, you can expect an arduous exercise session similar to cross-training or you can somehow engage in simple stretching exercises and mild aerobics. Whatever the situation is, you'll most definitely be able to exercise your arms, shoulders, back, legs, and stomach. Every inch of your body will be stretched and your muscles will become more toned.

With such exercise comes much better health, of course. If you enjoy fishing, you can save time by turning it into your regular exercise time. This will promote better resistance, endurance, and stamina for you while protecting you from sicknesses and delaying the aging process of your body too.

Easy Stress Reduction

When you're out there at sea, being close to nature will naturally fill you with its healing powers. What's more, your entire focus will be placed on what you're trying to accomplish. This and the exercise combined should do wonders for significantly reducing your stress and anxiety levels. In the long run, you can even eliminate them completely. Once you get out of the water, no matter how many fish you ended up, you'll certainly feel a lot better.

Paddle board fishing certainly comes with a lot of advantages that you cannot gain from the traditional way of fishing. Thus, it's worth a try. At least being introduced to it will give you an option of how you would like to go about your next fishing trip— the classic way or the exciting way.



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