Which Inflatable Caribe SUP is the Best? Read Our Guide today!

Which Caribe SUP is the best? We compare the best the brand has to offer right here.
The Caribe SUP brand has been associated with paddle boards for a long time, and you have probably seen a lot of their products online. They all look good and stylish, but which one is the best for you? That is what this review guide is for, as I have gone over each one so you can decide which one is the best to buy.

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caribe yoga

Asana SUP Yoga Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Combo

The Asana CaribeSUP is constructed from heavy duty military grade PVC, and that alone should tell you how durable it is. A repair kit is included and it also comes with a dual action HP manual pump and a paddle (3-piece, fully adjustable). The Asana is of the US fin box type so there is one large fin the middle and a couple of smaller fins on the side.

Measuring 11′ x 34″ x 6″, the Asana offers plenty of space for your asanas, and it is thicker and longer than your typical paddle board. This is a good thing because the board provides your joints with sufficient protection. The inclusion of a backpack allows you to bring the Asana with you, and the mat is quite comfortable too. The board has a solid, sturdy feel to it, and it’s bound to last a long time. At just 25 lbs. it is lightweight too.

Who is the Asana SUP Yoga For?

This is for those who prefer to do yoga asanas on a stand up paddle board, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s about time you did as it’s beneficial. The board is finely balanced and offers just the right combination of sturdiness and comfort. It is also more affordable than the others in its class so it’s a good buy.

caribe green

Tortuga SUP Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The Tortuga has a striking appearance, but it isn’t all looks as it is built of stern material too. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs., the Tortuga is more than capable of handling the most demanding paddle boarders. Sporting the standard fin setup with one large in the center and two on the side, you also get an adjustable paddle and maintenance kit with the purchase.

The Tortuga design is inspired by reptiles, and having one of these is going to make you stand out. Not only that, but when you order one of these you will be contributing to the preservation of sea turtles too. As for the board itself it is well balanced and holds up well. Once you’re done using it, just tap a button and it will deflate, so the Tortuga is very convenient.

Who is the Tortuga SUP For?

The Tortuga is for those who are looking for an easy to use, lightweight paddle board. If you’d had enough of inflatable paddle boards that are never as sturdy as advertised, this is the one to get. Price wise it is also very competitive. Add the fact that you can pack it in your car trunk, boat or plane, and it’s your go to SUP.

caribe palma

Palma SUP Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Measuring 10′ x 32″ x 6″ (same as the Tortuga) with a weight capacity of 320 lbs., the Palma is one of the top SUP today. Like the other SUPs from the brand, the board is constructed from military grade materials so it can withstand regular use. Apart from its dual action pump, the Palma comes with a repair kit.

Performance wise the Palma is as good as they come, as the board provides you with ample support. This isn’t the type you would use for yoga, but for regular paddle boarding this is going to be just fine. The Palma is beautifully designed, and you can roll it up nicely, and the material has a solid feel to it. As customers have noted, the Palma is very durable.

Who is the Palma SUP For?

The Palma is the SUP to use if you’re going to cruise instead of practicing yoga. It is the first SUP the company made and is ideal if you want to see what they have to offer. In terms of price the Palma is well within your reach. The design of the paddle board makes it especially useful for those new to paddle boarding.

caribe SUP

Tiburon Fishing SUP Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The Caribe SUP Tiburon takes paddle boarding to the next level. Measuring 11′ x 34″ x 6″, it is larger than other paddle boards in its class, and its weight capacity of 350 lbs. is greater than the others. In terms of construction it is right up there with the best thanks to its high grade PVC, fin configuration and adjustable paddle.

The real strength of the Tiburon is in its versatility. Since the Tiburon is larger than your typical SUP, there is enough space here for your dog, a fishing rod or even a cooler. When comes to performance, the Tiburon is very responsive, there is straight tracking and it is comfortable enough to be used for extended rides.

The Tiburon also comes with bungee cords for easy storage for convenient storage, and with the extra space you can
feel more comfortable.

Who is the Tiburon For?

The Tiburon is for those who want a versatile SUP that can do it all. It is more expensive than other paddle boards, but when it comes to performance the Tiburon delivers, so if you’re looking for a good SUP to invest in this is it. First time paddle boarders may opt for the other models here, but for power boarders this is the best choice.

The Verdict

So which of the CaribeSUP paddle boards here is the best? Well it really depends on your needs, as each one has its own unique functions that separate it from the others. One thing is for sure though, each one carries the trademark Caribe high standard, so you’re assured that the purchase is going to be a good one. Have fun!

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