How did Yolo Paddle Boards soar to the top?

Paddle boarding is a great outdoor activity, especially in the summer time! However, how can you know what boards are right for you? How can you know that you are getting the best quality possible, for the best prices, out of all of the companies offering the same products, and promising the same stuff? Great research is essential in order to know that you will get the best value for your dollar, and trust us – Yolo Boards are great. They are durable, transportable, and very stylish. Why should I pick a Yolo Board? Yolo Boards are renowned for their name. Its website reveals that ‘Yolo’ is based on the often seen acronym “you only live once”, which is also the company’s motto. Unsurprisingly, this attracts the attention of many youngsters out there – this is the lingo they are familiar with and this is what they consider to be cool.

3123193318_13df70e8dcYolo Boards were first introduced to Florida, also known as the ‘sunshine state’. The company was founded in 2005 by Jeff Archer and Tom Losee. These active gentlemen are passionate about SUP, or stand up paddle boarding, so they decided to create a business out of what they love. Little did they know that their careers would take off within a matter of years! Yolo is now a big company, still based in Florida, and gaining many new customers each day. Chances are that if you took a trip to the beach you would see a Yolo paddle board, so be sure to keep an eye out – try to count how many you will see! I bet you will lose count with how many Yolo lovers are out there!

What should I look for in a Yolo Paddle Board?

4968470098_ec1fd6be04Like in every purchase, you want to ensure you pick the top quality item without completely breaking the bank. No one wants to invest in something they will be paying off for years to come to that end where they may realize that the money they are putting towards it is not worth it. When searching to buy the perfect Yolo Board, look for some key items, such as: length, design, price, durability, weight and what the board is meant to be used for. This is an important factor because you do not want to take a board meant for light activity to be taken out when waves are thrashing, and to have your precious board to be returned, only to be found completely wrecked from how the ocean handled it. Find the correct design that fits your style, there are many external patterns to fit all different types of people; what could be a better way to show off your personality than by using your Paddle Board?

Choosing the right paddle

2014-03-12_2201This is a key element that you should definitely look into before just ordering the cheapest item without any careful research. Paddles are all about maneuvering your way through the water safely and in an effective manner. You do not want to obtain any injuries in the water, do you? Of course not! Make sure the paddle you buy is sturdy, durable, and ready for any kind of action. Yolo sells many types of paddles, in different series, so you can select the best one, knowing you are receiving the best quality possible. Paddles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are collapsible to help with the traveling aspect, if you have an out-of-town competition and you must pack all of your equipment. The collapsible paddle is also great for storage, especially if you do not have much storage space at home. Ensure when buying a paddle that you choose one that accompanies your height, flexibility, and the sport you will be partaking in. It never hurts to do a bunch of careful research to know what you are getting yourself into!

The brand, make and appeal of this brand prove this company is in it for the long haul. It certainly knows how to appeal to various types of costumers without losing any current ones! Yolo can be trusted and you won’t go wrong by ordering equipment from their site. Most companies have to suffer quality for price, but this one has great prices match its quality boards. Yolo will have everything you could ever need and more to exceed in your water sport, whether it is just a pastime activity on a hot summer day, or you regularly compete in this type of sport. Never give up, and never compromise your safety. Yolo is all for safety, quality, and great prices!

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