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You’ll be happy you came across this review, since we address the very simple but important ideas that every beginner must bear in mind. All you need to know is that it depends primarily on one factor: staying on the board. Nothing beats the feeling of picking up your stand up paddle and balancing perfectly on your first try!

Stability simply refers to being able to stay on board. This can be sub-divided further into steadiness and solidity, making it difficult to come up with the exact answer as to what the correct board is like for a beginner. Other than stability, there are several key factors to consider when wanting to pick your first stand up board.

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What are the ideal measurements when choosing inflatable stand up paddle boards?

A beginner can simply go out and have fun with any type of paddle board that is 10’ by 30” by 4” or even bigger. However, there are people who wonder whether this range will work. Being stable is about just how much motion and rocking you have side to side when standing on the board and the amount of flotation your body weight has with the stand-up paddle. Length, width, and thickness all have an important role in this. Normally, length by width by thickness = volume. Stability of the paddle board is guaranteed when it provides much better volume; it is, however, not the one and the only component needed.

A wide board has a large surface area, which makes it almost impossible to fall over in the case of strong tides or even when there is poor balance technique. When it comes to length, most people think that it is wise to go for the longest board. Although this will enable you to stand properly, it will make maneuverability  very difficult because the longer the board, the harder it becomes to control it. The most important aspect to consider when it comes to choosing a beginner’s length of the paddle is the weight of his body and not the level of experience he has.

Comparing body weight and board length is very complicated when it comes to evaluating stability, as it is equally a function of volume and not only length. Different weights have different lengths. For example, in normal circumstances, 9’4” paddle board is solely designed for about 130lbs, 10’4” – 180lbs. In addition, the following are other areas that you need to consider:

How much weight is the inflatable paddleboard able to carry?

Paddle boards have been known to give the whole family an adventure. Some have seen an adult and a few children ride on a board. Check your specific board for the weight limits. They are very durable and can handle a good amount of weight. We recommend you keep to one adult on the board at a time. But there is no limit to the number of children or dogs your board can handle. It does come down to the amount of weight you would like to be paddling around.


Standard Board vs Inflatable Board Weight

It is very important to note that the load of a standard board is significant when you are planning to drag it forcibly. If lifting the stand-up board off the vehicle is giving you a problem, then most probably you won’t be taking it down to the river frequently. The weight of the board can at times be a bother, and so we recommend you to go for those smaller or inflatable boards. The industry has come up with incredible improvements in the construction of inflatable stand up paddles, and now offers a variety of portable boards at great discounts.

What are the modes of transporting the inflatable paddleboards?

After use, stand up paddles need to be cleaned and kept safe. They are normally gigantic, so before you buy, be sure of whether they will fit in your car when you want to transport them – or that it can fit the storage room in your house. If not, then it will be wise to go for an inflatable board. The board can be cleaned down and while you go change they will be deflating in the trunk of the car. This only takes a few minutes; then you are ready to dry the board and roll it up, ready for the drive home. The significant size difference from a standard board to an inflatable board is huge, when considering the storage and transportation stress.

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What are the activities that you can carry out with your inflatable paddle board?

Racingfishingsurfing, and cruising are just some of the many activities both men and women can engage in using stand up inflatable paddle board. The different designs for different activities mean that the user is less likely to get disappointed by its service.

It is important that the water body you are using is not filled with rocks nor contains protruding hard surfaces. If it does, chances are that you will run into them and end up getting injured or spoiling the board.  Inflatable paddle boards are not suitable for such rugged places. If by chance you do get a hole, then you simply patch it. A repair kit usually comes with your order, which include patches and water proof glue. Patch the hole, let it dry and you’re good to get back on the water.

Finding Reviews

Before buying a stand-up paddle for yourself, make sure you go through the reviews, which can be found in the table below. Consideration of the above measures will guarantee you more fun than you have imagined.

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Min Pressure5psi5psi5psi
Recommended Pressure10psi10psi10psi
Max. Pressure15psi15psi15psi
Dimensions12'6" long
30" wide
6' thick
9'10" long
33" wide
6" thick
10'10" long
32" wide
4" thick
Price$600-$700$600-$700under $450
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